Thrives in bright, indirect sunlight – this will help promote blooms.

Do not place it in a location where the plant receives direct sunlight or the leaves can burn. If the Lipstick plant does not bloom and/or the stem becomes long and scraggly looking, most likely the plant is not receiving enough sunlight.


Maintain indoor temperatures of 75 to 85 degrees


Top 1-2” of soil feels dry, then water thoroughly. Always water until it runs from the bottom drain holes of the container. Don’t let lipstick plant wilt, but also take care not to overwater it. If this plant stays too wet, it will suffer from root rot. During spring and summer months you may need to water an average of once per week. During fall and winter months the plant will require less water and may only need to be watered once every two to three weeks.


Prefers a more humid environment. To increase humidity you can mist with plant several times per week with room temperature water, add a partially filled pebble tray, or close to other plants. This plant thrives in bathrooms – the regular use of water around the plant creates a humid environment.

Don’t place by heating or cooling vents.



Trouble shooting

Shriveled leaves: indicates plant is not getting enough water.

Leaves lose shiny green color: this would suggest to us that the plant has been over-watered. It is better to miss a watering or wait an extra week than to regularly apply too much water.

Black, water-soaked areas on the leaves: this would suggest it has a fungal problem (botrytis). You can trim off the affected leaves and reduce moisture around the plant by misting only during the daytime hours so the leaves have time to dry by night. You can also spray with a copper fungicide