After years of working stressful 9-5 jobs, we needed an escape. Although we were both successful in our prior careers, we wanted to take a different path. It was time to take on a new challenge.  

We’ve both always had a deep appreciation for nature and the healing power of plants. Over the last few years, we began experimenting with plants in our home. Some of those experiments ended with beautiful, thriving plant life, while others ended with sad, limp, yellow leaves. No matter the outcome, it was through these experiences we learned how to properly nurture our plants with appropriate watering, lighting that meets each individual plant species' needs and, of course, a little love.  

Our hobby has grown to be our passion reignited! We started Grow Plants and Home in 2019 so we can provide others with what our plants provide for us: a beautiful space where the lines between home and nature are blurred. We want to help you create inviting, calm and warm spaces in your home and office. Whether you are a beginner plant owner or an expert plant professional, we have what you need to add that special touch of life to your own amazing spaces.   

The best part: 95% of our planters are made in the United States by amazingly talented artists. These local artists and makers take the time to add something special to each piece they design, providing you with creative pieces that are unique in their details. We’ve carefully chosen each supplier based on quality, original designs and what their pieces bring to the shop. We hope you’ll love supporting them as much as we do!  

We are looking forward to meeting all who walk through our doors and can’t wait to chat with you about plant care and the joys of being a plant owner.