Our wife-husband business is dedicated to offering most beautiful plants, ceramics, stationery, prints, and varied items to help create an inviting home. Grow Plants & Home is built on the belief that simple things can transform a space: A plant can bring a little nature inside, a planter can brighten-up a windowsill, and a print can add welcome color to a blank wall.    

We offer all of our favorites, from the iconic rubber tree or succulent, to minimalist-designed watering cans, good-for-your-skin soaps, hand-crafted bowls and planters, and sweet greeting cards. We can’t help but sample our own goods sometimes too, like local treats of natural honey, buttery soft caramels, and the best chocolate! We are constantly discovering and offering well-made and thoughtful options. 

One of our highest priorities is supporting other small businesses, locally and across the country. We have carefully chosen each supplier based on quality, original designs and what their pieces bring to the shop. We hope you’ll love supporting small businesses as much as we do!