Light:Thrives in bright indirect to medium light. Turn once a month for even growth and leaf development.

Watering: Allow the top 50% of soil dry out between waterings. The Money Tree requires less water in the winter months, when growth slows.

Temperature: Prefer temperatures between 60 – 80 degrees. Avoid placing it in front of vents or window with a draft.

Humidity: Prefers a little extra humidity during winter months.

Toxicity: Non Toxic to pets

Trouble Shooting:

Drooping leaves and brown on their edges: indicates low humidity and dry soil

Yellowing leaves: suggests the tree is being over-watered.

Drooping leaves: indicates under watering. It prefers to be watered when the top 50% of soil has dried out, but be careful not to let the soil completely dry out. This tree is sometimes sensitive to being moved. Leaves may droop and/or drop for a short period of time. Give it time to recover.