Marimo Moss Ball Lore

Marimo Balls are considered a good luck charm for love and prosperity. The lore states: long ago the daughter of a chief from a tribe living near Lake Akan in Japan fell in love with a commoner.  When her parents opposed the union, the couple ran away but tragically fell into the lake and sunk to the bottom.  According to the myth, it was here that they turned into Marimo moss balls and why this plant is now known as a token of love, affection and good luck.

Cladophora Aegagropila “Marimo Moss Ball” Marimo moss balls form in cold, freshwater lakes  The balls are formed by strings of algae rolling around in the shallow edges of lakes rounding out into spheres. The balls are green all the way around ensuring that they can photosynthesize no matter which way they roll.  In their natural habitat they rise and fall when the algae photosynthesizes rapidly causing oxygen carry them to the surface.  When the light lessens, the balls sink back to the bottom. Grow about 5 millimeters a year in their natural habitat.


Prefers low to medium, indirect light. Direct sun can turn them brown. 


Prefer colder water environments. 


Water needs to be changed once every 1-2 weeks. To clean the moss balls you simply remove them from the vessel and gently squeeze, as you would a sponge. Turn the Marimo Moss Ball every now and then to keep them round. 

 Fun Fact

The oldest recorded Marimo Moss ball is over 200 years old.