Light: Thrives in medium to bright indirect light. Lower light can cause it to lose some of its vibrant color and growth will slow. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. 

Temp: Average room temperatures. Avoid cold drafts and direct airflow from heaters in the winter months. 

Water: Water when top 50% of soil is dry. 

Humidity: Average home humidity 

Toxicity: Pet friendly 



Limp, drooping and dry soil: suggests plant is underwatered. If your Fittonia dries out too much, you’ll see limp leaves. This is a good indication your plant needs water. After a thorough watering the leaves should perk up. 

Wilting plant, dry potting mix: indicates plant is being underwatered.

Dry, shriveled leaves: suggests low humidity or too much sun.

Yellowing leaves, mushy stems, wet potting mix: indicates plant is being overwatered.