Light: Goldfish plant needs plenty of bright indirect light to bloom. An east facing window is ideal. Keep out of direct sunlight as this will turn leaves brown.

Watering: Spring through fall, water thoroughly and allow the top 2" to dry out between waterings. Water less often in winter, but don't dry it out completely.

Temperature: Normal room temperatures between 65-75 degrees.

Humidity: Average home humidity.

Toxicity: Pet friendly


Trouble Shooting

Pinch off the growing tips often to encourage branching. This will result in a much nicer-looking plant that is compact and bushy. It's a good idea to keep the stems at 12-18 inches to prevent it from getting leggy. Goldfish plants like to be slightly pot bound. Blooms appear on mature plants in spring and summer.

Dropping leaves: suggests plant is exposed to cold draft. This tropical native doesn't like the cold at all, which can cause leaf drop.

Browning leaves: indicates too much sunlight. Goldfish plants don't like high heat or direct sunlight, which can cause its leaves to turn brown.