Closed terrariums usually home to tropical plants or those who enjoy humidity. Think tropical plants! Nerve plants, ferns, prayer plants, baby tears, and moss are all great choices. 


Bright, indirect lighting is best. If light is coming from one direction, periodically rotate your terrarium to ensure even growth. Avoid placing it in direct sun rays. The glass acts as a magnifier and can quickly scorch plant leaves if left too long. 


Use distilled water only. The tropical plants in closed terrariums love moisture. The water inside a closed terrarium evaporates from the soil and plants, condenses on the glass, and falls back down, making the terrarium has the right amount of water when condensation appears on the glass in the morning and evening hours, and the glass is clear during the day.

Many of our closed enclosed terrariums are made with live moss. Even though most plants in closed terrariums 'water themselves,' live moss may need a light spray of distilled water every few weeks. Use distilled water only. 


If you accidentally over-water your terrarium, tilt your container so that most of the water pools, and soak up with a paper towel or cotton pad. 

Wilting leaves usually indicate that a plant is in need of water, but if the soil is still moist, it could be an over-watering issue, which could lead to root-rot.